Our work has been honored by regional and national awards from our peers in both the traditional and the new electronic media. More importantly, we provide our clients with results -- results that positively impact profits and endeavors toward meeting corporate goals.

We have the experience and expertise required for successful identity building and promotion in a wide variety of media and venues.

Cathey Associates, Inc.

Established in 1975, Cathey Associates is our parent company.

Identity development is our specialty, and our expertise and services extend through brochures, annual reports, exhibits, packaging, and marketing concepts.

Cathey Dot Com Interactive
We began designing for web sites and other electronic media in 1996, and our interactive design was broken out as its own division in 1999.

We bring to the Web a special ability to manage our client's identity and visual image.

James Cathey Heritage Collection
Something special.

The father of our founders left a valuable legacy to the American people. The collection of his life's work is housed in our offices, where development and distribution plans are now being finalized.

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